With roots in La Rioja, our company has its origins in the Mayayo Terroba family, whose parents instilled an entrepreneurial spirit in Joaquín, our founder. With a heritage of wine, bar and transportation services, our company represents a family tradition of business success.

Joaquin began his career in the family winery in 1964, at the age of 24, and worked for 13 years in a wholesale food distribution company. In 1978 he decided to set up his own company and, as a self-employed man, handled all tasks, including order preparation, delivery of goods and collection of invoices.

Despite difficulties such as theft and bad payers, our founder overcame these obstacles to build a solid and prosperous business. During this entrepreneurial journey, his son José Joaquín joined the company and in 2004, along with his retirement, his son Alfredo joined the company.

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Alfredo took over from his father and now has more than 20 years of experience: "When I was young, in the summer, I helped my father. But it was only after I stagnated abroad that I became fully aware of my present, past and future work".

We strive to maintain quality and personality through customer service and the incorporation of new products and suppliers. Despite challenges such as the economic crisis and the pandemic, we have managed to grow and collaborate with important brands in the gastronomic sector.

Currently, the store has more than 10,000 references and a commitment to sustainability, which includes the generation of renewable energy through solar panels and a wind turbine, with the hope of becoming energy self-sufficient.

"We have been serving our customers for more than 45 years and we hope that this beautiful project will continue with the utmost gratitude to all those who make it up to a greater or lesser extent: our great team. customers. Suppliers. Logistics... Without them, this would not be possible.

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"High quality products for catering, food and delicatessen. High quality wines from various denominations of origin. All at a good price and with an excellent service".

"As a hospitality professional, I always look for high quality products and good service. It meets all my expectations and more. I recommend it to all lovers of good food." "

"A real treasure in La Rioja. Family owned and operated for over 45 years in the business, the quality and service are second to none. The wide selection of wines and gourmet products is a real delight. "

"I have purchased products from Mayayo Gourmet on several occasions and am always pleased with their selection of high quality gourmet products. The prices are reasonable and the quality excellent. "

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Us and enviroment

From the beginning we have been in favor of the environmental cause and sustainability.

Learn about our involvement with the environment!