Us and the enviroment

At Mayayogourmet we are committed to the environment, from the incorporation of suppliers that are increasingly aware of producing in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way, such as (MSC), through the use of biodegradable bags and the reduction of waste.

In 2020 we began our ecological transition from an energy point of view, incorporating 10 kW of photovoltaic panels.

In 2022 we decided to bet heavily on reducing our energy dependence to a minimum, and thanks to the FTP (SME Technological Fund) aid from ADER and the GOVERNMENT OF LA RIOJA in collaboration with the GOVERNMENT OF THE KINGDOM OF SPAIN and the PRTR ( Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan), financed by the EUROPEAN UNION, we opted for the ecological transition at our headquarters.

Representaciones Mayayo, S.L. decided to install a 5 KW wind turbine, add a greater number of photovoltaic panels, currently we have more than 35KW, as well as lithium batteries for the storage of its daily production. In addition, with the reinforcement of the roof covering for the photovoltaic installation, the old fiber cement covering was partially removed.

Now, after one year, we can affirm that we have drastically reduced our energy consumption and that we have stopped emitting more than 1 ton of CO2 into the atmosphere.